I bless you in the name of Jesus Christ. Today’s message is very delicate and important in our walks of life. This message by grace of God is going to bring a great transformation to us in Jesus name, so pause and ask the Holy spirit to minister to you as you read in Jesus name.

Before I proceed, I’d like to ask you. Have you ever been asked by an unbeliever or someone of a different faith if you are okay? Has a non Christian met you and could feel your mood switch and asked you “are you okay?” .

Yes !!! I know your answer is yes.

This is because a person doesn’t have to be a Christian to discern same way they don’t have to be a Christian to dream. There are many people who dream but are not Christians. That is how powerful the spirit of man is. To better understand today’s teaching you must first know how powerful THE PERSON NEXT TO YOU is.

A lot of people have failed in many ventures and aspiration because of ill wishes of the PERSON NEXT TO YOU most of which probably never uttered a word but just because their spirits did not like your decisions, their spirits will fight you. David in Psalm 55:12 speaks well of how THE PERSON NEXT TO YOU CAN be an enemy unknown to you .

Husbands have failed, wives have failed, marriages have failed, businesses have failed, not always because a witch was at work but most times out of a disagreement from THE PERSON NEXT TO YOU. They may not say a word but their spirits will fight you. My cousin calls such people “I told you so”, when you fail they will say “I told you so” forgetting that most times they never told you but told themselves within themselves . Be careful who you surround yourself with because they may either positively or negatively affect your choices and decisions.

Today I want us to study something in the BIBLE about the person next to you.

Please read GENESIS 13:1-7.

Abram was on a journey with his wife and Lot. The relationship was so tight that even God’s attempt to separate them wasn’t working.

God had told Abram to move away

 “Now the Lord said to Abram, ‘Go forth from your country, and from your relatives and from your father’s house, to the land which I will show you;’ Genesis 12:1

But when Abram started the journey he disobeyed God and took lot with him because there was a great love and bound .

Sometimes God will tell you to separate yourself from people, don’t ignore the voice of God and go by emotions.

Now, while they journeyed three things separated them.



3. THIRD PARTIES (Strangers)

Both Abram (Genesis 13:2) and Lot (Genesis 13:5) had prospered. Now their flocks and herds had become so large that they could no longer dwell together (Genesis 13:6). In life, success can change the mindset of the person next to you. Many people begin to undermine others when they succeed, others may also be jealous to see the person next to them prosper or succeed. I always say that if God looks at the heart of men,why don’t I pray to be able to see the hearts of men. There are people who may love you, are tongue speaking but just can’t stand the fact that something good is happening to you. By grace of God , I try to know the strength of some of the people close to me as to what they can handle and what they can’t thereby knowing what to share with who. The person next to you may not be a witch but can be jealous, bitter or proud.

Even in sports, the person next to those in competition( their supporters) can influence the game.

Strife/Competition (Genesis 13:7), even among married couples is another tool to watch out. The reason why some pastors may be preaching against others, Christians failing to support each-other or another person doing the work of God and will have a reason to fight them is not because God sent them but just because of the competitive mindset especially among the Charismatic. I always say, if I am forced to point out some demons I think I will start pointing at some of the people close to my life or better still I will point to more Christians because as far as I know they have fought me more than any “demon”.

Third parties/strangers can also affect relationships and in the case of Abram and Lot, it was the herdsmen. I have seen people from same mother, same father live like enemies because of third parties such as friends, spouses and sometimes children.

The third is the fact that the land where they sojourned was shared with others; namely the Canaanites and the Perrizites (Genesis 13:7).

No doubt the problem which caused Abram and Lot to separate had long been evident. I would imagine that Abram had frequently discussed it with Sarai, his wife. The text does not tell us any of this, but I suspect that Sarai’s words were to Abram the same as countless wives have reserved for such a time as this: “I told you so.”

THE PERSON NEXT TO YOU may be waiting to say “I told you” .

Discern, pray and be cautious of the person next to you .

Because remember, man is made in the image and likeness as God. THE PERSON NEXT TO YOU is that powerful as long as they live. Never undermine them, move away if you need to. Discern the hearts of men before you surround yourself with them. Don’t just pray with people if there is strife and competition among you. Most prayers are “useless” because the people that gather to pray are not of one mind, I wouldn’t waste my time on such if I discern by grace of God..

Watch out for the PERSON NEXT TO YOU .



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