I passionately write this by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. I wish I could stand on the globe and scream this message to everyone on this planet earth. One day I visited a friend who brought out an old note book and in it were sermons his late father had written.

I then asked if his late father was a pastor or minister of the gospel. He said no, that his father was a laid back committed Christian. He proudly added that his father was the type that wanted to lay low and watch.

To him, he was proud but from my evangelical perspective, I said to myself “ he wasted the gift of God.” He had written notes that could have blessed many, but he kept it to himself probably thinking he would preach them later.

Remember Bible says “no one lights up a lamp and hides it under the table but it will be brought out to benefit others.” If God gave it to you then it is for the benefit of generations. Don’t hide your gifts and call of God .

That seems the story of many believers of our time. It is good to prepare, it is good to write notes, but the question is are you ready to say yes to the call?

Almost all the disciples Jesus called to follow were busy but they said yes to the call and it was instant.

In Luke 9:59 Jesus tried to recruit or call another young man.

He (Jesus) said to another man, “Follow me.” But he replied, “Lord, first let me go and bury my father.”

When you read up to verse 62 another also said YES but let me go and say goodbye to my family.

You see, they did not deny the call of God, they actually said YES BUT LATER . And that is the story with many people who have the call of God over their lives, they have said YES but are not ready to do it now.

The boy in verse 52 was interested in his father’s inheritance and so the Bible never said his father was dead, it was him who predicted that “I will follow you after I bury my father.”

Many are putting the call of God on hold. I am not saying don’t attend to anything else but if you know that Jesus is calling you or has called you then please say YES AND NOW!!

Jesus then says whoever wants to follow me must carry their cross and follow. The cross signifies human judgments, accusations, death, troubles and etc. It is just to make known to you that the road may be full of troubles but at the end the cross is a finished grace and victory. Don’t die with written sermons and gifts, use them now!!

Beloved, search within you, if you know there is a call of God on you, say YES AND NOW … Start committing to the things of God, have mentor(s) and serve the Lord.


#Everybody must work for the Lord.


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