Most people can’t handle respect and honor . They mistake it for lordship.

This is exactly what I wanted to post but the Holy Spirit said to me, “connect it to the Bible” and frankly as at now I can’t even though the statement is relatively true but it is not the gospel. Because it could stir up anger in others and remind them of grudges with some people .

You see, sometimes some messages may even come from the pulpit, some messages may have the support of millions, some messages may seem to be encouraging BUT if there is no connection to the word of God , it is NOT the gospel. The gospel draws all men to the knowledge of Christ.

I have heard many preach and what the message leaves is nothing but fear and hatred . Messages that always remind people of what the devil can do, messages that make everyone suspect each other, messages that incriminate even innocent people, messages always speaking of the powers of darkness, in-fact some ministers focus too much on the devil than they talk about Jesus. Many only mention the name of Jesus at the end of Prayers.

That is not the gospel, the gospel is JESUS CHRIST.

 Jesus Christ is salvation (pulling people from the pit of hell)

Jesus Christ is healing (casting out all kinds of diseases)

Jesus Christ is deliverance (tormenting and casting out demons and principalities)

Jesus Christ is provision (supplying all your needs)

Jesus Christ is power (rejuvenating zeal and passion in you, resurrecting anything dead in you, glory, virtue, honor, elevation)

,Jesus Christ is the redeemer (pulling us out of pain and the afflictions of the enemy)

Jesus Christ is the WORD, nothing was made without Him.

He is the creator, the express image of God.

I decree, may Jesus Christ show up for you today in Jesus name.

Experience Jesus Christ, the bread of life.

Be JesusCenteredd in your messages IF it is the gospel.


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