Most of us know the story of Joseph who went through hatred and so much pain but later became so blessed and powerful. There is a mystery about Joseph, his dream and it’s manifestation. Jacob, his father was a man who was spiritually inclined, while Joseph’s brothers would be angry at his dreams (because they also understood the dreams), Jacob had seen greatness in his son and loved him (Genesis 37:3). How do I know this, because in Genesis 49, he called all of them to prophesy into their lives and it all happened.

But in Genesis 37, Joseph had another dream, as usual he told the family and this time Bible says even JACOB, his own father became angry and rebuked him, because the meaning of the was that “his father, mother and 11 brothers will bow to him.”

#Key :- In Genesis 46 after Joseph had become great in Egypt, there was a family reunion. His dream had come to pass but with a big question. Remember in the vision, his father, mother and 11 brothers were to bow to him which in total will be 13 people BUT when it came to pass, his mother had been dead. So in actual sense, though his dream came to pass, it had been delayed. And it all happened because he was quick to share what God showed him.

Be vigilant about what (dreams/visions) to tell who. We have made such mistakes before but as we transform, may God grant us WISDOM and DISCERNMENT to know who, when, what and where to tell who!!’

Don’t be quick to share or tell people, remember Joseph’s own father became angry!


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