I pray in the name of Jesus that the Holy Spirit through this teaching ministers to us about the notion ,”Once saved, always saved.”

First ,we need to understand what being saved really means. Let’s look at salvation from this angle. When someone is trapped in a house that is on fire, and the fire department pulls them out, it saves them from burns, injuries and probably death. So instead of being kept in the fire to perish, they are said to be “SAVED”. Now, can I ask “Does this mean this individual is forever saved from fire outbreak? even if they are kept in a different one?” NOPE !!!

Salvation is just as being pulled from fire, it is a total change of life. The fact that you were once pulled out of fire doesn’t make you fire proof. It doesn’t mean next time there is a fire outbreak you can’t be burnt. If you really want to understand this concept then please pause and read Romans 6:1-23.

Apostle Paul emphasized on being dead to sin or the things we used to do which do not glorify God . You either become a slave to righteousness or to sin. Your master is who controls you. So if today you are saved but continue to live in sin, then obviously though we can always run back to the father, should the person die in sin, their salvation most likely would be lost.

Bible says in Romans 2:6 that we shall be judged according to our works. To think one can be saved today, go back to sin and still maintain salvation is just surprising that anyone would think so. 

Many people back this notion merely because Bible says “whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life”John 3:16 . That is only a step of receiving salvation but believing in Jesus alone is not enough.

So please, let’s see it from the scenario of being pulled from a fire outbreak or accident, it doesn’t mean the individual can never be burnt even if they are careless.”

I hope this blesses you .

Once saved is NEVER forever saved


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