As a minister, by grace of God I am often contacted about dreams, and I believe almost everyone I have spoken to can attest to a fact that I always ask “HAVE YOU TOLD GOD ?”

No matter how a dream is scary or unpleasant, you must always THANK GOD that you dream. The first person to hear about your dream MUST BE GOD and not any man.

Job 33:14-15 For God may speak in one way, or in another, yet man does not perceive it. In a dream, in a vision of the night, when deep sleep falls upon mean, while slumbering on their beds.

This explains that dreams and visions among others are some of the ways God speaks to His people .

After Moses chose an Ethiopian woman for a wife, Miriam his sister and Aaron did not like the idea and perhaps did not support the marriage (Numbers 12), so the Lord appeared to them and said if there is any prophet, I reveal myself to them in visions and SPEAK TO THEM IN DREAMS (Numbers 12:6).

You see, God acknowledges dreams and discloses that it is a way He speaks with His prophets and remember Prophets don’t only get sweet messages, so when you are able to dream you must be grateful.

However, the devil is also able to manipulate or give dreams. So not all dreams may be of the Lord .


1) Before you go to bed, Pray (if possible put your hand on your forehead) And ask the Holy Spirit alone to supply you with dreams.

2) Command your Soul and Spirit to be strong, resist the devil and heed only to the voice of the Lord. ( That way nothing can call forth your soul while you sleep) this is needed especially to resist spiritual marriages and dreams of sexual interaction.

3) First thing to do when you wake up to a dream (even if scary)  is to thank God for the revelation. 

4) Tell the dream to the Lord and ask the Holy Spirit to handle it and work it for your good.

5) Begin to narrate the dream to the Lord (same way you would tell anyone) as you do so, by the grace of God you will most likely begin to get the meaning of it.

6) Pray into the dream based on your little understanding.

7) Command the day to be a blessed one for you.

8) Thank God again.

9) Tell someone you trust that is your Pastor/ mentor/someone who relates the BIBLE to your dreams.

All glory to God and this is inspired by the Holy Spirit and are proven approaches.

I pray this blesses you on how to handle your dreams .


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