Many times the very people we least expected to cause us pain are the ones to do so and on the other hand those who least expected us to hurt are the ones we cause pain as well, but today the Lord says “DO NOT BE OFFENDED “.

Before Jesus left His disciples, he summoned them to break the news to them. As if that was enough, He then told them in John 16:1 that “Do not be offended “ because of what I have told you . Leaving them alone could be offensive after gaining their trust and love, devoting themselves to follow Him BUT the actual offense was the aftermath of His departure.

In the verse 2 of John 16 Jesus speaks of the attacks that will arise from the synagogue (church). It is just amazing that the attacks or infliction of pain was not coming from the camp of the enemy, but when Jesus spoke of offense, He traced it from the church.

Many people are hurting, lots are in pain, I have encountered many people especially here in America who say they used to go to church but don’t want anything to do with church because one way or the other someone offended them. Beloved, I am very sure you may share same plight but today Jesus is telling you and I not be offended.

David in Psalm 55:12-14 said the enemy was the very person he had fellowship with in the church, same people who probably prayed with and for you, same people you shared love with but they are the ones who may cause you pain but Jesus says be careful and “Do not be offended.” Never justify your anger.

One day a woman decided to go to church and seek the face of God . It was an ordinary day without church service but because she needed a child so bad, she went inside the church, probably fasting and crying, but when she got there, the Prophet or senior pastor almost discouraged her. He accused her of being drunk. If it was you and I, we obviously could have been offended, but Bible tells us, Hannah was not offended.

Beloved if Hannah had been offended, she would have left the church and missed her breakthrough of baring the child, Samuel!

You see, when an object is placed in one area, people will see the same object differently from their respective points of view. Such is life, people may define you and say all sort of things about you because that is the view they have but do not be offended.

Jesus asked His disciples two distinctive questions in Matthew 16:13-17, first, “WHO DO PEOPLE SAY I AM ” . Here Jesus was asking about the view from an angle of those far from Him. They thought they knew him but obviously their answers were totally wrong. Some said He is Elijah, John the baptist, Jeremiah or one of the prophets. Jesus is greater than all of them but He was not offended. No matter what people think or say about you, do not be offended. Let them talk.

Secondly, He asked from a closer angle. “WHO DO YOU SAY I AM” .The disciples were closer to him so they may think they know Him but after Peter answered correctly, Jesus’ response is shocking. He literally said “Peter though you are close to me, there is no way you could have known me like that if my father had not revealed to you.”

In life, no matter your relationship or love, NEVER LET ANYBODY KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU. Let them assume they know you.

Do not be offended about people’s perception about you. Your attendance in church,work for God and or benevolence must never be influenced on what people do to or for you but let Jesus be the reason and the center of it all.

DO NOT BE OFFENDED, regardless of whatever may happen. Focus on Jesus and be JesusCenteredd


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